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A Message From the Hon. Secretary/Treasurer

Since the War we have struggled hard to keep this very small and dwindling Community alive. At times the future has looked extremely bleak, but somehow we have always managed to carry on. The many tourists and other visitors from overseas who have attended our Services during these years have been a great help, both spiritually and financially, in our effort to keep Judaism alive in Malta. In the last three years the position has altered dramatically. In what I call "the small miracle of Malta" an appeal launched in 1998 was successful in producing funds far in excess of our expectations, allowing us to purchase premises and to convert them into the present Jewish Center and Synagogue. We hold Morning Services on Shabbat and on the first day of the main festivals, and visitors, either long or short term, are always warmly welcomed. We are very proud of our new Synagogue, which incidentally is the first property to be owned by a Jewish Community in Malta for over 500 years. The conversion has been beautifully planned, and the work involved supervised, by our president, Abraham Ch. Ohayon, but there is still much to be done in the way of additional equipment and modification, as soon as more funds become available. We would be very happy to have you join us at our Services should you be planning a visit to Malta.

Stanley L. Davis,O.B.E.

Blessed be his memory

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